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The Story of ColicCalm

Hello! My name is Jacqueline Lawrence and I am the founder of Colic Calm. I have always believed that the absolute best remedies are the brainchild of those who NEED to find solutions (hence the old expression about necessity being the mother of invention). Accordingly, I created what did not exist on the market, to out an end to the pain that my own baby and family were going through. It all started (the agonizing ordeal, that is) when my adorable baby boy (pictured happily on our label now!) reached two weeks of age. Much to our dismay, the signs were blatantly obvious as each day passed and the pain and crying increased. Our first-born had the dreaded COLIC.

What Parents are Saying

I must tell you - Colic Calm is the greatest invention in the universe!  It's better than the wheel.  Within 30 minutes of receiving a dose or two of this gripe water, my son stops screaming and is actually a happy baby.  I can't believe how wonderful this product is - it cures everything from gas to teething to hiccups.  I am definitely a lifetime customer!

Denise S.
Palm Coast, FL

Do you know how hard it is to find this type of product? Thank goodness for your company!!

Doreen N.
Loganville, GA

With my daughter I tried everything I could think of to relieve her colic and nothing worked. Waiting it out became our only option. So when my son was born and he had colic even worse than she, I thought I was in for three long months of crying and sleepless nights. My mother feeling sorry for what I was going through for the second time took on the mission of finding a solution. She just happened upon the Colic Calm website and bought it on the hope that it would do what it
claimed, immediately relieve colic. It did! I could not be more grateful.

Jennifer W.
Gautier, MS

All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS! This is the best thing ever invented! I could tell a difference in my baby in just one day...I even ordered some for my friend's baby because they are just beside themselves, they have no clue what to do with this poor baby...she is up all night! I told them watch their mail...relief is on its way! Thanks so much for the fine product! I would buy it time and time again.

Kari H.
Creve Coeur, Illinois

ColicCalm was a godsend to my great-grandson, who is 3 mos. old. After changing his formula three times, my granddaughter took him to the pediatrician, who prescribed a prescription for his stomachache. When I investigated the medication, I found several other uses for this drug, including Parkinsons disease. Needless to say, the side effects could possibly outweigh the usefulness of this product. So I searched the Internet and came upon ColicCalm. After reading the testimonials, I ordered ColicCalm. The shipment arrived when expected and she started immediately giving it to Skyler. He got immediate relief for his tummy aches and gas, and now she won’t be without it. My granddaughter even took a listing of the ingredients to his next doctor’s visit and showed it to him, and he said anytime you can give a baby natural ingredients it is always better than giving them chemicals. These were basically my same words, yet they were coming from his pediatrician. I even gave a bottle to my sister-in-law for her great-granddaughter until she could order some. Thanks ColicCalm.

Janet B.
Dallas, GA

I tried all the “miracle cures” out there too. You guys are sanity savers. Thanks a million!

Cassie B.
Long Beach, CA

I have been taking care of babies since 1960 and I can honestly say that I have never seen anything work for colic apart from patting on the back, shhhhhing and pacing the floor. It gets physically exhausting. A new mother I work for purchased your product and I gave it a try. I don’t get easily overexcited, but I can promise you that I give rave reviews about Colic Calm gripe water and will continue to do so for others I meet with colicky babies. Great to have this in my arsenal. Thanks!!!

David T.
Carson, CA

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I had planned to take two months off from teaching, but it was becoming increasingly clear that I would need to stay home much longer than anticipated. At that time, I fantasized about returning to work, in truth. It would have been a welcomed escape from what I lived every day and night. The patience and endurance that my home situation demanded were beyond imaginable…it was THAT bad, I can promise you. Perhaps you know all too well yourself.

My husband did what he could, mainly providing moral support and love, during the evening when he got home from work. The onus was definitely on me. Somehow, I was able to rise to the challenge and cope with the incredible stress on such little sleep. I focused all of my efforts and brainpower on finding something to alleviate the unbearable suffering.

I am forever grateful to my wonderful friend and mentor, Dee, who helped me to keep my head straight and my sense of humor intact. She came over as often as she could to help me in my greatest time of need. Without her gracious sympathy and support, ColicCalm would not exist. During the time she provided relief, I could have slept (heaven knows I needed it). My newborn son was relying on me, though. I was determined to find a remedy to, at the very least, improve the colic and gas pains that were making my poor baby so miserable. What a terrible way to spend the beginning of life! I just couldn't allow it to go on much longer. There had to be a solution out there. Colic is an age-old problem that millions of people have encountered, so there had to be something that someone somewhere had devised that would help our baby. So I thought.

That’s when I began my seemingly endless research. Every spare minute that my friend was generous enough to provide was used towards this purpose. I hold a Master’s Degree in Education and throughout my schooling, I was constantly commended on my research abilities. Now, I had to use my networking skills and other talents to help the most important person in my life. The mission had begun and I had never been so inspired.

I kept thanking the world for the incredible sharing of information which is now available on the Web. If a solution existed out there, I was going to find it. My hopes would go sky- high every time I thought I had come across a possible cure. I started by eliminating all of the common culprits from my own diet, but there was no marked improvement. So, I went to the Web and ordered everything from gas drops, to special teddy bears with womb sounds, to aromatherapy pillow sprays, to colic-soothing CDs, to a "patented" fennel formula that must be used within FOUR days of opening (and didn't work regardless). None of these helped in the slightest. Even all of the top-rated, promising herbal solutions (of which the ordinary gripe waters were the most disappointing) proved useless. At my wit's end, I spent a fortune on a contraption that attaches to the crib and supposedly simulates a ride in the car. Total fiasco. Even riding in an actual car and stroller at the peak of the crisis only seemed to make my baby cry louder (which I found hard to believe possible).

I realized at that point that it was up to me to develop my own formula to relieve my child's suffering. I have always been in strong favor of trying the natural approach first and foremost. During my many travels abroad, my interest and belief in natural medicine and homeopathy were further heightened. I found that homeopathics worked wonders for my own digestive pains in Europe, where they are widely used with great success. It just made sense to me that a combination would work in synergy on my baby. It was simply a matter of coming up with the perfect blend of nature's gifts. After my extensive (and exhausting) research, I presented my work to traditional and not-so-traditional doctors of all kinds. I consulted pediatricians, homeopaths, naturopaths, osteopaths, acupuncturists, herbalists and healers of all sorts. After perfecting my formula, I returned to my vast network of medical and scientific experts, to ensure absolute purity and safety. Next, I entrusted the foremost homeopathic manufacturer in the US to make ColicCalm under strict FDA guidelines and standards.

ColicCalm is the ONLY thing that provided immediate relief of pain. My baby’s colic disappeared upon the very first dose. The gas and tummy pains that had him writhing and twisting in sheer torment were dissolved within minutes. My prayers and hard work had been rewarded. It was the miracle for which I had searched so desperately, for so long.

It is hard to know what will and will not work for your baby, as my long journey has taught me. As concerned parents/caretakers, I sincerely hope that you decide to give ColicCalm the opportunity to help, just as hundreds of thousands of appreciative babies and parents have done already. Do check to see if other colic remedies you are considering offer a money-back guarantee…most do not, you will find. The reason is pretty obvious. People tend to get desperate when dealing with colic and few frantic, sleep-deprived parents have time to dedicate themselves to thorough research. It also gets very expensive to try everything out there in hopes of coming across the ONE that works. It is of little consolation that your baby will “grow out of it eventually” when you share their misery every day and night. That’s why ColicCalm comes with an iron-clad money-back guarantee. If this is not the answer for which you have been frantically searching, we will happily refund the purchase price (minus shipping and handling)…no questions asked…truly.

Chances are exceptionally high that my discovery will save your whole family as much pain as it has mine and more than half a million others. It is a true blessing that we can help so many. It is the silver lining to my story and the ordeal we endured. There was a greater purpose which became clear only after my struggle had ended. I discovered something amazingly safe and effective through love and determination. It would be incredibly selfish not to share my success with others who perhaps do not have equal time and resources, but find themselves in the same distress. I sincerely hope that you decide to give ColicCalm a chance and save yourselves continued anguish. You have only health, happiness, and sanity to gain! You can thank me later, just as I thank you for trusting that this will help you and your little one.

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